Moeller Click-Loc™ Self-Locking Fittings

Our Click-Loc™ design is used to secure critical fluid fittings in a variety of aerospace applications including commercial and military aircraft engines. The "no-lockwire" design greatly improves maintainability and reduces maintenance cycle time. Click-Loc™ also improves reliability because it eliminates the "wired-but-finger-loose" failure mode and it completely prevents coupling nut backoff from any known cause. Laboratory and engine qualification testing has shown conclusively the Click-Loc™ is not loosened by vibration, thermal cycling, pressure pulsation, tube/hose torsion, sonic effects, or any combination thereof. Click the links below to learn more about Click-Loc™ fluid fittings.

Moeller Click-Loc™ Self-Locking Fasteners

The Moeller Click-Loc™ is the most reusable, reliable, and cost effective secondary locking feature available for structural fasteners. It positively resists loosening due to vibration and any other cause. It can withstand temperatures to 1200°F. Most configurations are guaranteed for at least 100 installation and removal cycles. Click-Loc™ does not require the use of any special tools and its function is both simple and intuitive. It satisfies DoD "no lockwire" requirements and vastly improves reliability and maintainability.

Moeller Click-Loc™ Self-Locking Plugs

Moeller self-locking plugs combine exceptional reusability with proven reliability. Our locking features are all metal and suitable for operating temperatures from cryogenic to 1400°F. The function is intuitive and no special tools or secondary actions are required. They are available with english and metric threads. Moeller self-locking plugs are used in borescope, endoscope, drain, access, and sensor applications in thousands of aircraft engines and power turbines worldwide.

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