Turning, Milling, EDM, Grinding, and Superabrasive CBN Solutions

Turning, Milling, EDM, Grinding, and Superabrasive CBN Solutions

We are leading the way in Milling, Turning, Grinding, EDM and Superabrasive machining technologies. Here’s how they are leveraged to produce great products.

  • Turning

    Our turning capabilities are ideal for machining round components and various segments, including shrouds, seals, bearings, and locking parts.

  • 3-Axis, 4-Axis & 5-Axis Milling

    Our 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis milling is widely used to machine nearly every type of product, including brackets, mounts, heat shields, locking plates, and airfoils. Its high material removal rates and vast variety of performance cutting tools makes this a very versatile capability in our precision machining toolbelt.

  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

    We offer a wide range of EDM solutions including wire, drill, mill, and sinker capabilities ideal to meet the specific needs of airfoils and complex components.

    • EDM Wire

      Our EDM wire capabilities produce very organic shapes with tight corner radii on very tough materials with thick cross sections. Typical uses include:

      • Nesting and burning out complex shapes from round or rectangular bar stock where conventional machining is not economical
      • Roughing material to reduce cycle time in a grinder or mill
      • Machining thin materials where burrs are a major issue, such as honeycomb and small pins
    • EDM Drill

      Our EDM drill capabilities produce deep holes in airfoil shapes at entrance angles and diameters that are not possible with conventional drilling. We have fine-tuned our EDM drill tooling strategy for quick changeovers and repeatable, robust processes. This technology makes machining techniques possible today that were not thought possible 30 years ago.

    • EDM Sinker

      Our EDM sinker technology is applied to machine deep ribs, seal slots, pockets, features with sharp or acute corners, or shapes with very organic geometry. Though EDM has a relatively slow material removal rate, it is often used in aerospace for features that are not possible with conventional machining. We have developed tooling and set-up strategies for EDM sinker machines to minimize cycle time.

    • EDM Mill

      We have leveraged modern technology to take our EDM capabilities one step further to EDM milling. This is commonly applied to create diffuser shapes at the exit of the cooling holes on turbine blades and vanes.

  • Grinding

    Our grinding capabilities include CNC ID/OD grinding, creep feed grinding, and superabrasive 5-axis CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding.

    • CNC ID/OD Grind

      Our cylindrical ID/OD grinding is applied to aerospace parts that have tight tolerances in areas such as outside diameters, inside diameters, and faces that determine lengths. We utilize several precision CNC grinders capable of extremely tight tolerances that can automatically dress the grinding wheels so there is no intervention required. Up to three different grinding wheels can be utilized in one program so that several diameters and faces can be completed in one load.

    • Creep Feed Grind

      Our creep feed grinding technology applies root form serrations, platforms, mate faces, tip shrouds, and Z forms to machined parts. This machining capability has a high material removal rate and can hold very tight tolerances with a fine surface finish. Creep feed grind is a common practice for blades, some features on vanes, and a variety of other components.

    • Superabrasive 5-Axis CBN

      Our superabrasive 5-axis CBN technology is applied to radial and axial features of high nickel superalloy blades and vanes. The machines that support this capability can hold the part at a wide variety of angles to the spindle and create smooth radial arcs and conical features. Through creative fixturing strategies, tool selection, and CNC programming, we have fine-tuned our expertise with this machine type.

  • Tool Design & Build

    We have proven and dedicated in-house tool design and build capabilities. With decades of experience and continuous improvements, we have established best practices to design and build tools that produce some of the most challenging components on planet Earth (and beyond).

  • Nadcap-Accredited Processes

    We maintain multiple certification standards. Our accredited processes include:

    • Nadcap Welding/Torch Induction Brazing (Wixom only)
    • Nadcap Chemical Processing – Dry film (Wixom only)
    • Nadcap Conventional Machining as a Special Process (Wixom only)
    • Nadcap Nonconventional Machining – EDM sinker/wire/speed drill
    • Nadcap Measurement and Inspection – Airflow (Harbor Springs only)
    • Nadcap Nondestructive Testing – FPI (Wixom only)
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