Complex Component Machining for Aerospace and Power Generation Industries

Complex Component Machining for Aerospace and Power Generation Industries

With over 70 years of experience, We have demonstrated a core competency in the precision machining of complex components for commercial, military, space, and power generation industries.

These complex components include flow path parts, seals, dampers, spacers, mounts, complex brackets, shafts, cover plates, and locking parts including blade locks, lug assemblies, studs, and anti-rotation locks. At Moeller, 100% of the machining processes are controlled in-house, including tool design and build, so our customers can rely on us as a one-stop-shop.

Flow Path Parts

Flow path parts oftentimes referred to as “transition ducts,” are relatively large hardware assemblies necessary for directing the freshly combusted fuel/air mixture outward and into the turbine of the engine. These components are subject to a massive fluctuation in temperature, pressure, and load during normal use.

Their thin, widespread cross-section and complex geometric dimensioning and tolerancing create numerous technical challenges which we can conquer. Utilizing proprietary fixturing and machining techniques, we have developed robust processes for these transition ducts, including fairings and outer panels.

Moeller Aerospace specializes in flow path parts for high-pressure turbines, with sizes ranging from 0.25-inch-thick outer panels to 12-inch fairings.


Seal components form a barrier between pressure differentials, sealing gaps from rotational elements to stationary components.

Moeller Aerospace specializes in a large variety of stationary oil seals, bearing seals, piston seals, HPT air seals, and forward and aft seals.

Blade Dampers

Small, lightweight blade dampers are installed between blade platforms and adjacent blades to reduce blade vibration and minimize air leakage. Because of the complex geometry with small transition tolerances, dampers require special knowledge and experience with tool design and programming. Tolerances can be extremely tight depending on the application.

Moeller specializes in manufacturing blade dampers for aero engines, space technologies, and aero engine derivatives.

Engine Spacers

Spacers fit into the engine disk’s dovetail serrations between the blade and adjacent components to place the blades in the optimal position for overall performance and efficiency. They typically have a ground dovetail form similar if not identical to the mating blade in the compression/turbine stage. Spacers are small parts with tight tolerances that require unique fixturing and inspection tooling.

Moeller Aerospace manufactures a wide variety of spacers and has honed the processes over time to be repeatable and efficient.

Engine Mounts

Engine mounts are generally large complex parts that assist in the assembly of the engine to the aircraft. These parts are typically made from a high nickel alloy, and some will have large spherical bearings assembled into them. Smaller mounts can be made from bar stock while larger, more complex mounts/assemblies can be made from forgings.

Moeller Aerospace machines engine mounts that can range in size from a few inches up to over 50 inches in length.

Locking Parts

Locking parts are placed throughout the engine to ensure that rotating parts are locked in place as the engine operates. Many are designed to specific torque values depending on the size of the part they are locking. Locking parts guarantee that the mating components don’t back off. We individually test locking parts to ensure correct torque values prior to shipment.

Moeller Aerospace machines locking parts ranging in size from 0.25 inches to about 12 inches.

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