08/24/2023 We’ve Been Featured in NA Outlook Magazine!


Moeller Aerospace has been featured in NA Outlook magazine. Read about our CEO’s perspective on the industry and our commitment to our work.

Moeller Aerospace is thrilled to express our heartfelt gratitude to NA Outlook magazine for featuring our company in its July issue. Our CEO, Ron Felix, shared his enthusiasm and optimism in his interview with the magazine. This feature truly encapsulates the essence of our company’s journey, achievements, and aspirations in the ever-evolving aerospace manufacturing industry.

Moeller Aerospace is Proven and Capable

The aerospace industry is experiencing a significant upswing, and Moeller Aerospace stands at the forefront of this resurgence. As acknowledged by CEO Ron Felix, our team has been diligently navigating a changing landscape, characterized by inflation, labor challenges, and evolving business dynamics. However, through our dedication to investing in the right projects and initiatives, we have managed to weather the storm and maintain our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Through our dedication to innovation and precision, Moeller Aerospace has left a lasting impact on various aerospace projects. Notably, our Click-Loc® technology has been instrumental in enhancing the safety and performance of the F-16 and F-22 fighter aircraft. Our collaboration with the U.S. Air Force for these projects showcases our unwavering commitment to excellence and the trust that our partners place in our capabilities.

We Stay Committed

As we move forward, Moeller Aerospace remains committed to serving the needs of our customers. We understand the challenges ahead, from the scarcity of experienced labor to the need for constant adaptation to evolving technological demands. However, with our history of excellence and a focus on innovation, we are confident in our ability to overcome these hurdles and continue soaring to new heights.

Once again, we want to thank NA Outlook magazine for featuring Moeller Aerospace. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team. As we embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, we will continue to uphold our position as an industry leader, delivering unmatched service and innovative solutions for the aerospace and industrial markets.

Read the full feature on the North America Outlook website.

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