11/22/2023 Pushing Boundaries with Precision: Moeller Aerospace’s Electrical Discharge Machining


In the world of aerospace manufacturing, precision is not merely a preference; it’s an absolute necessity. Moeller Aerospace, a leading force in this industry, has mastered the art of delivering exceptional products that soar above the competition. With an extensive repertoire of capabilities that includes turning, milling, grinding, and electrical discharge machining (EDM), we are revolutionizing the aerospace manufacturing landscape. Today, we will delve into Moeller Aerospace’s EDM capabilities and explore how they are used to craft top-quality aerospace components.

Unraveling Complex Shapes with EDM

Moeller Aerospace’s commitment to innovation and precision extends to our impressive array of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) solutions. These cutting-edge techniques are particularly well-suited for crafting intricate airfoils and other complex aerospace components. Let’s explore the various EDM capabilities that set us apart.

1. EDM Wire: Crafting the Impossible

Moeller Aerospace’s EDM wire capabilities are a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries. With this technology, we can create intricate shapes on tough materials with thick cross sections. What makes this capability truly remarkable is its ability to manufacture shapes that are often impossible to produce using conventional machining methods. In our arsenal, EDM wire is nothing short of a game-changer.

Typical applications of EDM wire include:

– Nesting and burning out complex shapes from round or rectangular bar stock where conventional machining is not economical.

– Roughing materials to reduce cycle time in a grinder or mill.

– Machining thin materials where burrs are a major issue, such as honeycomb structures and small pins.

2. EDM Drill: Reaching New Depths

EDM drill capabilities at Moeller Aerospace empower us to achieve what was once considered unattainable. We can create deep holes in airfoil shapes at angles and diameters that were previously beyond the reach of conventional drilling methods. 

3. EDM Sinker: Unlocking Intricate Geometries

Moeller Aerospace’s application of EDM sinker technology is a testament to our pursuit of precision. This method is used to craft deep ribs, seal slots, pockets, and features with intricate geometries. Although EDM has a relatively slower material removal rate, it is indispensable for creating features that are simply not feasible with conventional machining. To minimize cycle time, we developed tooling and setup strategies that optimize the EDM sinker process.

4. EDM Mill: Taking Precision to the Next Level

We have elevated our EDM capabilities with EDM milling. This advancement is often used to shape diffusers at the exit of cooling holes on turbine blades and vanes. By leveraging modern technology, we have expanded the possibilities of EDM, proving that innovation is at the core of our manufacturing philosophy.

In the dynamic world of aerospace manufacturing, Moeller Aerospace is a trailblazer. Our commitment to precision, innovation, and excellence is evident in our wide range of capabilities, advanced technology, and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We continue to produce some of the most challenging and vital aerospace components. Moeller Aerospace’s journey is crucial to the endless pursuit of perfection in aerospace manufacturing.

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